FitHackr All-Purpose Protein Cookie Mix

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FitHackr Protein Cookie Mix

I’ve been experimenting a lot with making the perfect protein cookies. And through all the tests, I became very tired of measuring everything out, ingredient by ingredient.

There are a lot of ingredients required to make a very good protein cookie that balances calories and macros with taste and texture. You can’t simply replace flour with whey protein and expect good results. You also can’t just replace sugar with stevia and expect the texture to be anything like that of a cookie.

So I thought: what if I could roll up all the specific ingredients into a simple, easy to use mix?

For a while, the cookies were hit or miss. Sometimes they’d be good and sometimes they’d be just okay. But never was I excited enough about them to share with people who might not care about the macros as much as I do.

Over time though, the formula started getting better. Ingredients were added, removed, swapped, and rebalanced.

Every time I’d taste a new batch, I was shocked at just how ridiculously good they were. As in, “these 100% satisfying my cookie cravings.”

After countless rounds of testing, I now have a recipe that works time and time again, and is extremely versatile for making all sorts of cookie varieties. Not only that, but also versatile enough to customize the macro-nutrient profile to your liking.

If you love cookies as much as I do, and wish you could eat them for breakfast, pre-workout meals, post-workouts meals, or bedtime snacks, then you’re gonna love this.

And we’re just getting started here! As time goes on, I’ll continue to publish cookie recipes made with this mix. We’re in the process of refining the formula even further so you can buy it pre-made, for about the same price as if you bought all the ingredients at retail anyways. Win-win!

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